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Our Story

The Vineyards

The Kostantakis farm is located in the picturesque seaside village of Pollonia on the north-eastern coast of Milos at a distance of 11km from the central port of Adamas.

Exceptional Cycladic Aromas

At the foot of a low hill dominated by the family guesthouse bungalows, large natural caves were configured to accommodate the facilities of the new Kostantakis winery. Kostas Mallis (or Kostantakis), continuing the long family tradition in the production of home-made wine, received an official license for his winery in 2012 and, in 2013, he bottled the first Melian wine with the goal of reviving the local vineyard which had been neglected since the 1980's.

the history

History timeline one of the oldest winery in Milos

Assyrtiko, Monemvasia, Malagousia, Mavrotragano, Aidani, Mandilaria, Savatiano, Roditis

The first vineyard, one of the oldest in Milos, was planted by the family’s grandfather, Kostas Mallis, and still it remains productive. During the 1970’s his son Peter took over, while in 1995, his grandson, Kostas Mallis, expanded the crops with a professional orientation in mind. In 2012, the new 2.5 acre vineyard was planted with Cycladic varieties: Assyrtiko, Monemvasia, Malagouzia. Mavrotragano, Aidani, Mandilaria, Savatiano and Roditi.

The volcanic, porous soil of Milos combined with its warm and dry climate endow the island’s agricultural products as well as the Kostantakis farm’s wine with unique flavours!

Visit the farm, take a tour of the vineyards and the gleaming white “Spilia” (Grk. cave), the rock-hewn winery with its cellars, and try the new “Kostantakis” wines.

Kostantakis Residence

Exceptional Cycladic hospitality

With unhindered panoramic view of the picturesque fishing village Pollonia and the neighboring islands, the large estate with palms, fragrant flowers, the vineyard and the Cave Winery, combine wine tasting with Cycladic hospitality. Kostantakis Residence invites you to an exclusive traditional, white washed apartment complex, offering a friendly, harmonic and tranquil environment for a most pleasant stay.